Vitamin C Skin Care Benefits – Why, How & When To Use Vitamin C For A Beautiful Skin.

It’s important to become a very educated consumer. Today I am going to be talking about how to apply vitamins to the skin and probably some vitamin C skincare benefits so that you know what vitamin you’re applying to the skin, what the concentration of the product is, and how it works. Vitamins come in…

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.

Best Exfoliation Products – The Best Way To Exfoliate And Products For All Skin Types.

In every skincare regimen today, the exfoliator is always at the top of the list because a good exfoliator is a very important part of every skincare regimen and it is done in two parts. The physical which is basically sloughing away dead and dull skin for the new one to pop up, and the…