Hello everyone and welcome to my website ( Skin Care Academy. Here at Skin Care Academy, I help people with information and solutions to some fundamental and medically related skin problems which happen to be a serious concern in our society and our lives today.


You see, since my youth age, during college and even in my community, I have witnessed a lot of people go from one end to the other, from one regimen to another, some go about it traditionally while others pharmaceutical all in a bit to get one common goal, A BEAUTIFUL SKIN.


But disappointingly, it all just never produce the same results. Some end up with very outstanding results of the game while others end up compounding their problems and changing the entire game of beauty. I grew up in a family where the girls outnumber the boys and among the girls are those in the beauty business. Over time I managed to learn quite a lot about the business of beauty and skin care.


This was something I did not take seriously as I was, at the same time running my dads business but when I move out, I realized I was able to help the ignorant ladies in my new neighborhood with solutions to their beauty concern and this just kept going on and on that it later took the best of my time .


So, for that reason, I took off time to dig deep into the beauty world to get answers to a couple of questions that went through my mind. Which is why I decided to create a website where I can share with interested persons, all I was able to gather during my years of research.


As a matter of fact, I am not a medical doctor, beauty expert per se or any form of dermatologist, all I do is carry out research on the issue at hand, cross-check with some experts I work with in order to be able to put out the right result, before I publish any content on my site.


Why Do I Want To Help People

The greatest wise men of all times have all acknowledge the essence of knowledge, and even the greatest book of all time (THE HOLY BIBLE) was never wrong when it says (My People Perish For Lack Of Knowledge…………………… ) Hosea 4:6It is quite evident that every single human being on planet earth wishes to change something about themselves but the lack of knowledge happens to be a very big barrier.


In the world today, the skin possesses about 75 to 85% of our Human Natural Beauty which is something of primary concerns and importance in our lives. So, mindful of how it feels to lose it all just to a common mistake in our individual search for better, I decided to create a platform to share ideas and tips to help with solutions to all that and also guide on the best skincare regimen in the market and how to go about them if need be.


The Goal Of My Site

There is an ancient proverb out there that says…We Earn To Give, We Learn To Teach and We Teach To Learn!!! Here at, one of the prime objective for wanting to share our knowledge with others is so we too can learn more in the process. For learning never stops as no one knows it all.


Teaching and sharing knowledge with others is more like volunteering to improve your CV. And you cannot improve your CV without adding knowledge. So we wish to learn too as we go down the road. We also strive to restore smiles on the face of the desolated by helping with solutions and tips that will maintain, modify and restore the beauty they lost in their search for a Beautiful Skin as a result of an error committed in their search both from the under-age all the way to the aging as we go down together.


If you ever need a hand or have a question or any contribution to make this dream a sounding success, please do feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out or cooperate.

All the best,

Yenge Eric G.


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