BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.

Best Exfoliation Products – The Best Way To Exfoliate And Products For All Skin Types.

In every skincare regimen today, the exfoliator is always at the top of the list because a good exfoliator is a very important part of every skincare regimen and it is done in two parts. The physical which is basically sloughing away dead and dull skin for the new one to pop up, and the chemical type which is using acids and products. There is just a tone of them in the market today that is why I want to talk about the best exfoliating products that will give

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.

you softer skin without turning you red or creating wrinkles in the process mostly when the weather is a bit dry and it’s getting warmer and what really exfoliation is.


A lot of you women are concerned about taking care of their dead skin cells, about exfoliating despite the weather or whatsoever. Exfoliating is always so important and we hear this every single time we tell you that exfoliating is important, make sure to exfoliate but as much as we know that exfoliating is important, do we really know what exfoliating is?


Exfoliation in The General Nutshell

Exfoliation has always been and will always be as simple as the process or act of removing or washing off old skin and dead cells from the surface of the skin by means of cleansing using the right cleansing products according to your skin type in order to allow new skin cells to rise to the surface.


Why is it important and how to really and effectively exfoliate for our different skin types. We see a lot of exfoliating products out there, different kinds, from peeling gels to clay masks and so on. But it’s really important to find the perfect exfoliating product according to your skin type.


Layers of The Skin Cells

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.

Our skin, of course, has the epidermis and the structure of epidermis has layers of skin cell. These same layers layed up until the top and they form changes as they build up, and as the cell builds up because the form changes, when it reaches to the top, it becomes a totally new layer which we call it the dead skin cells.


Normally, skin cell regenerates every twenty-eight to thirty days regularly and the new skin cells push the old skin cells onto the top layer of our skin. That is how naturally our body, our skin is meant to push up and get rid of the dead skin cells every twenty-eight to thirty days.


Is also important to know that you ladies always have that moment in your lives every once in a month and this or other food or external factors affect your hormones and the twenty-eight to thirty days of regeneration process is affected negatively and sometimes makes it hard to remove the dead skin cells naturally and that is why it becomes excessive dead skin cells.


At this stage, it blocks the pores and causes…

• Acne

• Skin Dullness

• Blackheads

• Whiteheads


And many other kinds of skin problem. That is why it’s so important to exfoliate our skin regularly because sometimes it’s hard for them to do it by themselves.


Important Exfoliation Tips

Now Before we jump into taking a look into different types of exfoliators out there, let me quickly share some important tips or points that you should keep in mind when you exfoliate your skin because it’s so important.


The First Tip: – Before you exfoliate your skin with any product, you need to boost the naturally exfoliating function that your skin has by…

• Drinking a lot of water

• Eating a lot of fruits

• And Taking a good amount of sleep


These are all factors that affect the hormones and that will definitely help your skin to soundly exfoliate by itself.

Make sure to keep those habits.


The Second Tip: – Make sure before you apply any exfoliating product regardless of what type of exfoliator, make sure to use like a steam towel or a warm towel and press it lightly onto your face before you jump into the exfoliating set.


This will definitely help you open up your pores which will make the exfoliating products more effective and really helps with removing that dead skin cells.


The Third Tip: – No matter what skin type you have, whether sensitive, normal, oily or dry make sure to concentrate on exfoliating your face without irritating the skin. Even though you have strong skin or whether you have thick skin compare to other people, exfoliating dead skin cells off your face can definitely irritate your skin because it’s the process of removing a layer of your skin so make


sure to concentrate on choosing the right product. And if your skin is used to strong cooling products, your skin will naturally lose the natural ability to regenerate.


The Fourth Tip: – Always moisturize when you exfoliate. It is so important to hydrate your skin after exfoliating because as I said it’s removing up the layer of your skin off from your face.


The Fifth Tip : – Make sure to never forget the step of applying sunscreen on your face to protect your skin from the sun rays and everything but after exfoliating especially, because your skin has been a bit more irritated and also dry, make sure to have a layer to protect your skin from any external factors as well as the sun rays.


Different Exfoliating Products and How to Exfoliate

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.

Now that we have all read and understood some important tips to remind ourselves when exfoliating, let’s dive into some different types of exfoliating products out there.


1. Scrub Products:

This is the most common exfoliating product out there that a lot of you guys, of course, have tried them out. And there are other several great exfoliating scrub products with small particles and the ingredients vary from…

• Salt

• Sugars

• Etc.


It just varies so much and those little particles in this exfoliating scrub push out the dead skin cells and it’s the most common exfoliating products out there however because there are small particles that actually touch your skin. It can be a little irritating compared to other


exfoliating products so, for those sensitive and even acne-prone skin types out there, you people might have to be really careful and cautious about choosing the right product. While scrub products that exfoliate your skin physically with those actual particles.


2. AHA / BHA Products:

These are more of a chemical way to exfoliate your skin. There’s a difference between AHA and BHA ingredient and the major difference between the two is the difference in solubility.


AHA ingredient is a water-soluble that does not deeply penetrate into your skin but rather focuses on exfoliating the outer layer of your skin.


It is best at exfoliating the dead skin cells that are on the outside layer of your skin. And BHA ingredient is an oil-soluble unlike AHA, it penetrates the deeper layer into your skin to target pores that are deep inside your skin to control oil level.


3. Peeling Gels:

As the name itself implies, this gel-type product, as you wash it off and as you massage your face with the gel, it removes not only the dead skin cells but also impurities and waste covering your face.


Peeling gel is a wash-off type so after you use that peeling gel, you have to wash it off with lukewarm water because it does not include any particles. It is actually suitable for sensitive skin types as well.


4. Wash Off Exfoliating Mask:

An example of this can be a clay mask. You apply it all over your face as you apply a mask and then leave it around for 10 to 15 minutes. And once you remove it from your face, your blackheads or your dead skin cells are taken care of.


Another function that wash-off type mask has is that by covering your face with the mask, it does not only help to warm the pores to open up, which will definitely help you to remove dead skin cells more effectively, but it also soaks those dead skin cells with the warming effects as a mask if you continue with this exfoliating step.


5. Exfoliating Foam Cleanser:

There are a lot of low irritant foaming cleansers out there that includes exfoliating ingredients and this would be actually the perfect way for sensitive skin types especially for acne-prone skin types.


Because of the foam type, it will irritate your skin but as you gently cleanse your face using the foam, you exfoliate at the same time and then if you rinse it off with water, it will definitely help you exfoliate without any irritation.


Different Exfoliating Products and How to Exfoliate

It is very important for anyone aiming for better and beautiful skin to exfoliate as part of your skincare regimen if you want your skin to be smooth, blemish-free and glowy without which you will only end up with a dull, flaky and breakout looking skin.


But it is also paramount to take your skin type into consideration when exfoliating. So, let’s look at how to exfoliate according to different skin type.


NOTE: There is a How to Use Video on Each Product Page. Check it Out Follow The Steps For The Best Result.


• Sensitive Skin:

With sensitive skin type, your skin gets easily irritated, that is why it’s so important to look into these products that you will be using. I recommend you choose a very mild irritating exfoliating product.


It’s really nice to use a foaming cleanser that can help you to exfoliate your skin as you cleanse your face.


That is why I want to first recommend…

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.


The best part is that it’s pumped out in a foam type so it really helps and not irritate your skin. Since it is a low PH cleanser, it is really nice to not only balance oil and water level on your face but also cleanse your face and exfoliate your face without irritating it.


Citric acid including this foaming cleanser which is a low pH ingredient makes it perfect for sensitive skin types to use this cleanser as a cleanser and exfoliator. The ceramide 3-ingredient included here also gives the hydration onto your face as well.


And the second way to exfoliate for sensitive skin types is to use a vitamin serum. If it’s the day that your skin feels extra irritated, try adding a vitamin serum and just make sure the next morning cleans your face mildly to help remove dead skin cells off your face.


One point to remember is that, when you exfoliated your face using an exfoliating product, make sure to avoid using a vitamin serum in your skincare routine.


Second product recommendation…


BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.


It’s the perfect vitamin product that your sensitive skin type can use.


Qualities : –

-Pure Vitamin C

-Centella Asiatica


Its pure vitamin c ingredient targets pigmentation, acne scar improvement, and skin complexion as well. It also brightens up the skin and also helps to prevent further building up of excessive dead skin cells.


The Centella Asiatica extract is really great for sensitive skin types to calm your skin and also helps to moisturize the skin at the same time.


• Acne-Prone Skin:

Those in this group can definitely use a chemical way of exfoliating their skin. You can use an exfoliating product that has AHA / BHA ingredient. You can accompany it with a nice cotton pad and use it as an exfoliating function for mild exfoliating.


My recommendation…

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.



• Normal / Combination Skin:

These skin types are less sensitive and less prone to those irritant factors that an exfoliating product has. For that reason, there are higher possibilities to try scrub products. However, as I’ve mentioned before just try avoiding any irritating exfoliating scrub no matter what skin type you have.


My first product recommendations…

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.



Qualities : –

-Black Sugar Particles

-Non – Irritating

-Dissolves With Water

-Gentle Exfoliating

-Shea Butter


Now the great part about this gentle black sugar facial polish is that the ingredient of the scrub has (as the name implies) black sugar-based exfoliator known to be a great exfoliating ingredient not only to exfoliate your skin but also to hydrate your skin at the same time.


And the Butter ingredients (which is a famous ingredient for improving hydration) will help your skin to feel not too dry after exfoliating. It dissolves well with the water not only for normal and combination skin type but also for sensitive skin types too.


My second recommendation is…


BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.


Qualities : –

-Vitamin 21.5%

-Non – Sticky Texture

-High Absorption

-Remove Acne Scars Quickly

-Melts Dead Skin Cells


In case you did not do any exfoliation on the beginning stage of your skincare steps, then add the vitamin serum and it will apart from giving you that vitamin aspect, which is like brightening your skin and improving skin segmentation.


It will as well help to warm your skin and open up the pores a bit more which will help you to remove dead skin cell because the next time you would want to cleanse your face in the morning, especially after using vitamin C serum at night, this process will help you to remove dead skin cells.


It has no artificial ingredients and of course, no parabens and the great part about the vitamin C serum is that, unlike other vitamin C serum out there, it’s not sticky and it also has better absorption rate which makes it easier for us to use.


• Dry Skin Type.

The exfoliating product that I would like to recommend for dry skin type is a peeling gel-type exfoliator. The reason being is that those of you with dry skin type don’t have to use products that will make your skin drier. When your skin is already dry, what you need is a peeling gel product with a hydrating solution which will less dry out your skin when exfoliating.


The product I would like to recommend is…


Skinmiso Real Clean Peeling Gel (Product is no longer available but will propose a replacement soonest.)



-Natural Plant Extract


-Removes Dead Skin Cells

-Removes Waste And Sebum

-Cleanse Pores

-Low Irritation


Just as you can see on the product, it’s a hypoallergenic aqua gel, which means that it’s a non – irritating peeling gel products. It removes dead skin cells, waste and also Sliven off from your face very gently.


And the gentle rolling motion of the peeling gel helps to remove the waste with that irritation but also, it cleans up your pores. You wouldn’t want to leave this out if you have dry skin.


• Oily Skin Type.

As you all know, just like sensitive and acne prone skin type, it’s a very complicated and tricky skin type to take care of and it’s always not easy to really remove the oiliness off from your face and for oily skin type.


So it’s always important to make sure to remove oil level off from your face and use a product that has low oil content.


So, therefore, the best exfoliating product I would like to recommend is A Wash Off Mask and among these items, a Clay Mask would be a really nice exfoliating product that you can put hands on.


The product I recommend is…

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.


Qualities : –

-8.6% Pure Volcanic Clay

-Total Pore Care Solution

-Removes Sebum, Waste, and Impurities

-Improves Skin Texture

-Cooling and Calming


A lot of my audience love this natural pure volcanic clay because the ingredient in it really helps to take care of your, pores and also helps with skin tone and texture improvement which a lot of oily skin types will be interested in and it’s super easy to use.


The second product recommendation is…

BEST EXFOLIATING PRODUCTS - The Best Way To Exfoliate For All Skin Types.


Qualities : –

-3.97% Ginseng Extract

-Nourishes, Rejuvenates and Also Good For Anti – Aging

-Opens Pores to Removes Wastes

-Increases Elasticity


Ginseng might be unfamiliar to you guys but let me explain a little. As you can see above, the ingredient on the mask includes 3.97 % of ginseng extract which is great for replenishing, nourishing and also anti-aging.


The ginseng ingredient has a warm factor and this product directly delivers it to our skin and this definitely helps to open up the pores which are so important for exfoliating dead skin cells off from your face.


It also removes waste, sebum, dead skin cells, adds nutrition and also improves with skin texture. The ingredient also aids to improve the absorption of active ingredients. It will also help with your next skincare steps to work better even on your skin.


The antioxidant properties in this mask will help to purify the skin because our skin after a long day, due to external factors, it becomes irritated and fatigue and that is why I recommended this mask for oily skin types but other skin types, for example, the normal, combination and even dry skin types can also give it a try.


So that was it today for exfoliation. I hope you ladies now understand the right exfoliating methods and including choosing the right exfoliating products for your skin type.


I will also like to advise here that when it comes to anything that has to do with your skin, be it skincare or makeups, in order to be on the safe side, always test any new lotion, product or makeup on the lower part of your wrist for some days, see the result before you decide to move on with to adopt that product to your skincare regimen.


I hope this helps? If you ever need a hand or have any contribution to make or a question to ask, please do leave them bellow I will be more than glad to help you out.



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  1. Hey Eric,
    This is a great post on facial exfoliants. Just when I thought I knew which exfoliant I need for my skin type I read your post and find out that I am wrong. I do have sensitive skin and finding something for me that doesn’t irritate my skin is hard to do. So I am excited that you not only provided education but product suggestions. I am looking forward to trying the products you suggest.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by. Trying out the products or a product out of the list will be a good decision towards giving your skin that beautiful glow you have been looking for trust me. Once again, thank you very much and if you don’t mind, you can share this information with any friend or family members you think may be in need.
      Thank you.

  2. Thanks for a very informative post! I have a question for you: how often do you recommend to exfoliate in case you have a very sensitive skin? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello Margherita, the truth is, exfoliation should be done two (2) to three (3) times a week and not daily. This is because exfoliation, as you read in my content, is the process or act of removing or washing off old skin and dead cells from the surface of the skin by means of cleansing using cleansing products.
      Now, after you exfoliate, that new top layer needs to heal. So, constant exfoliation is taking off that top layer before the healing process is done and that can cause the skin a number of skin irregularities like breakout, irritation more sensitive and much more.
      So, exfoliation in the right sense of it is best twice or thrice a week for the best result and not daily.
      Once again, thank you very much for stopping by.

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