My Cellulite Solution Review – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite The Pros Are Not Telling You.

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The real reason I decided to write this My Cellulite Solution review is that ever since time pass, I have always known cellulite to be normal with women as I see it on the body of a large chunk of women out there if not all. (Mostly the elderly). The cause or reason for it, has always been something I have never bordered about until a day I came in contact with two ladies. An elder lady and a younger lady. The eldest lady was cellulite free while the younger lady had cellulite on her labs and some other parts of her body. And I got confused since I have always known it to be something more inclined to elderly women. But today before my very eyes, the boat is rocked.

What Can Be The Meaning of This Dilemma?

This unsound experience about women and cellulite got me optimistic about cellulite and its overall concern. Without wasting time, I immediately swung into action.

Let’s find out the result of my long search.

The Journey To Finding Out What Really Is Cellulite.

In my search for what cellulite is, after going through a couple of sites, visiting a few dermatologists and even talking with some skincare experts out there, the result was nothing better than what they have always told us. Just the same old story about it being as a result of too much collagen, some say it’s as a result of excess fat that leaves you with a kind of dimpled and lumpy skin look locally call Orange Peel-Skin.

A result I was not very comfortable with and because of that, I enhanced my research. While in the process, I realized that, the cause of cellulite is specifically unknown to anyone, according to Medical News Today but there are speculations just like they keep telling us that it results from an interaction between some kind of tissue in the dermatological layer beneath the skin surface and a fatty layer below it.

The Big Discovery From The Journey.


As I searched furthermore, I stumbled upon a review page on the  My Cellulite Solution  (an ebook about cellulite and its treatment), I clicked and went to the product page and found that it was something I had to buy which I went ahead and did due to its 60 days money-back guarantee and for the fact that I was searching for something of value.

Which Is What Am About To Share With You Guys Just In a Minute. 

Just Hang On

About My Cellulite Solution.

My cellulite solution is an eBook by an English man by name Gavin Walsh on a natural solution to eliminate cellulite for good (as he claims in his book). As I took time to study and test the contents in his book, I came in terms with a few facts and myths about cellulite that actually put my mind at rest as well as left me with some questions about cellulite which we are all going to look at in a few minutes.

Just Keep Reading. 

In this book, he explains a staggering 90% difference in the appearance of the skin of women in ancient time and modern time when it comes to cellulite. And I said to myself, WOW, yet another added confusion.  

50 yrs backward, 90% of women were all cellulite-free while 50 yrs afterward, is a different ball game. 90% of women rather are living with cellulite and they call it normal, just because the vast majority of women today have cellulite does not make it is a normal situation. Let’s take a look at a few pics to see what I meant by that.

Pictures of women in ancient times with cellulite-free skin!!!

CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.


CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.


CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.


Ok, now let’s look at pictures of women in our modern time:


CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.


CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.


CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.

Taking from all this, I totally agree with her.


Think about it, if something that was never there suddenly popped up, it’s enough to say something caused it to pop up. Remember, to every action is an equal and opposite reaction. Now, what could be this thing that suddenly ignited the advent of cellulite in our women’s skin today?

Let’s find out.


The Causes Of Cellulite In Modern Time As Against Ancient Times.

Medical News Today had once mentioned that the cause of cellulite unknown to anyone, but I was stunned when I found out quite a couple of realistic stuffs that can actually lead to a cellulite skin (As he ClaimsFirst, he started off by sweeping under the carpet every reason all the experts used to give as being the cause of cellulite.

He said,

  • It is not genetic,
  • Not part of the aging process,
  • Not as a result of fat (according to Dr. Robyn Gmyrek MD, the founder of Columbia University’s Cosmetic Skin and Laser Center),
  • Neither is it normal.


The Author’s Claims

I think I will give him credit at that point because all over the net, you see programs about weight loss, burn fat and all that and all these products actually solves the fat issue but I have never seen anyone who just loses weight and ended up losing cellulite as well. No matter the amount of exercise or whatever, cellulite just doesn’t go away. Which means it has nothing to do with fat.

So, he ended up Claiming it has to do with the Cells. Well, Let’s Find Out!!!

He claims that it is as a result of your system not correctly or properly processing the garbage deposited in your cells. Well, I wouldn’t completely agree or disagree with him on this one because at the moment, from all I was able to gather from my research, he happens to be almost if not the only one with such a claim. So, I wouldn’t want to judge or put his professionalism into question.

He also claims that he has spent 15 years of his life helping more than 1000 women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and above. He said he has been working with Fitness and Weight Loss Experts for a very long time that he is now being sorted out by various press such as:

  • Men’s Health,
  • Women’s Health,
  • Men’s Fitness,
  • Cosmopolitan and
  • Harper’s Bazaar


and many others to contribute to weight loss matters.

Questionable Though.

But the way he breaks down everything is worth giving this product a try. From the breakdown, i was bent to understand that the reason modern-day women have cellulite unlike ancient days women, is because some toxic ingredients have been introduced into our diets today unlike before. Come to think of it, nutrition and diet today seem to be a problem in the world today.

That is why when you take a tour on any skincare or weight loss sites or blogs out there, after all the long sermon on how to care for your skin, it all ends with starting the process with what you consume. Because whatever we eat, will definitely show up on our skin. If what you eat is good, it will leave you with a good-looking skin coupled with care routine, likewise the vice versa. So, you need to take skin diet very seriously.

What The Book Offers Against Cellulite.

When I started off with the book, I noticed the solution was broken into three (3) categories.

  1. Vitamin
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise

You know when I started with this product, I notice things were a bit different than they looked. Especially the exercise, I said to myself, are these exercises not the same exercise we already know. But as I walk through the system, I realize the exercises were done differently from what I used to know unlike like I taught.

Even the diet, they looked like things we could handle like we did before but the truth is they are all done differently to get the expected result. Just like Jim Rohn once said in one of his motivational speeches!

If You Want To Change The Result You Get From What You Do, You Either Change What You Are Doing or Change The Way You Are Doing It!!!

So, do not be the type of person that tells the entire story of a movie by just looking at the cover, but jump right in and see for yourself.

They say  –  Experience Is Where The Action Is!!!


The Purpose Of The Product.

The purpose of this book is to bring to the ignorant population across the world the truth about cellulite, give hope to the hopeless and even open up the eyes of those who have always seen cellulite as (uh ! it is normal and there is nothing to do about it) to realize that it is not normal and something can actually be done to fix it as against what the professionals are telling us every time.

CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.

It also aims at giving you the solution to fix the problem by following some simple step by step process which will bring your cellulite problem to an end.

The downside of The Cellulite Reverser.

He promised in this book that you are going to see the result in the next twenty-eight (28) days from the day you start putting the strategies in this book into practice. Well, I personally do not agree with that because, when I bought this book, the person I tested the system on, actually saw the result after twenty-eight (28) days but there is something I want you to understand.

We all have different skin type and our different skin types respond to products differently due to a couple of different factors. So, for that reason, the system might even react on your skin quickly enough and bring to you the expected result even before nineteen days, within or after nineteen days as well. So, do not attach so much expectation emotions to the nineteen days promise but be more concern about the walkthrough of the program correctly without leaving out a single step as skipping step may take you backward or even complicate your situation.

Who Is It Good or Not Good For.

This book is not good for one who is an ACTION TAKER. I know a lady whom cellulite made her lose her boyfriend and so cellulite became her enemy from that point and she decided to get this enemy out of her life which she successfully did after a couple of years, by taking full action without skipping steps. So, once you lay your hand on this awesome CELLULITE SOLUTION, immediately get to work and quit any form of laziness.

CELLULITE REVERSER REVIEW – The Hidden Truth About Cellulite They Are Not Telling You.

It also needs time and efforts if you must arrive at the expected result. But the problem with most women out there is LAZINESS. They don’t find time to read and this is because the pharmaceutical and cosmetic gurus out there have promised them quick result to their struggles and they have held on so tight to such a myth that they no longer see reason to subject to DIY products ( which is what made the strength of the ancient women without cellulite ), even as after using these cosmetic stuffs, they still don’t see any good results, they still expect it will be better if they go for a different choice.

That is why if you go to skincare forums, you will see women asking for which product can be good for a kind of skin issue they are going through, failing to realize that you need to first understand the problem you have before seeking solution so you know what to go for and the only way to do so, is by reading. I am not saying products are not good. But products can’t solve a skin situation such as CELLULITE.

So, if you are one with a good reading enthusiasm, coachable and determine to kick cellulite out of your life for good, then this book is for you. But if you are the lazy type, then this is not for you but I don’t think you are such a person because if you were, you wouldn’t read up to this point.


How Oustanding The Product Is.

What I like most about this book is that she is very in-depth in all the steps in the system. For the fact that the system used here is completely natural, it is risk-free and without any aftermath. She gives you the exact type of vitamin you need to be consuming, how you need to consume it and also how to go about it. She will also give you the right veggies to buy and where to get them if you have issues finding them and how to prepare and consume them.


The exercises like I said earlier are very thorough. What exercise to do, how to do it, for how long and why you need the exercise. Also, what to consume after the exercise. You will also learn how to go about the right skincare routine. One of the most outstanding factors about the book is the customer support, (Top Notch)I only have one problem with this product: Information Overload. The information here is just so much that it may be a problem for some of you who are not inclined to reading.

But there is good at the other end, for the fact that there is a lot involved, the author has organized everything into steps, daily action steps to follow. And this makes it easy to follow all the way to the finishing end without feeling the heat of the load. I think that is pretty wise of her. So, you don’t have to border about the load issue.

Pros: –

  1. It changes the way the world see cellulite
  2. It gives hope to those who never believe there is any solution cellulite
  3. It helps you gain knowledge in many other things with its bonuses
  4. It makes the world understand what really cellulite is unlike what the professionals are telling us
  5. It helps you know what to do and not to do in other not to end up with cellulite looking skin
  6. The system is all-natural which means no risk of after effects
  7. It is a step by step guide to follow meaning, you are not alone on, that journey to kick out cellulite
  8. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee and you are promised result after 28 days which means, your money is safe until you see the result. In essence, no financial risk.
  9. If you were not good in dieting, get ready as you will learn a lot of diets

Cons: –

  1. It promises a quick result. I think its too good to be true. All the same, it depends on your skin type. It may even be earlier
  2. Contents lengthy and a bit cumbersome, but there is a step by step guide. So, you are not alone.
  3. Because it is lengthy, you need time and effort for the best result
  4. His qualification and the product verification are in doubt because her perception about cellulite is commonly known around the globe but the result of her product is awesome as I tried it myself

I also realized that even experts in medical science don’t actually agree when it comes to the Cause and the Treatment of this cellulite which makes it difficult to lay a finger on the Myths and the Facts of the whole drama. That is why I strongly recommend you give this product a try because it is something the professionals are not telling you about.



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I hope this will go a long way to help you, your friends and family members as well. If you ever need a hand or have any contribution to make or a question to ask, do feel free to leave them below i will be more than glad to help you out.


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