How To Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally – See What Nature Can Do For Your Skin.


When we’re young we are always trying to look older and more mature and then suddenly I’m in here one day how could I look younger. Do you feel as if you’ll be disguising your face under layers of primers, concealers foundations, and moisturizers for the rest of your life? The reality is your body wants to give you a firm smooth glowing skin no matter what age you are in fact it’s crying out for it you can unravel your skin’s natural ability to reduce natural signs of aging with these simple tricks on how to look younger than your age naturally. OH Yes naturally.




In the following few minutes, I will unveil the secret to turning back the clock on dull sagging aged skin cells into radiant tight and smooth skin for the rest of your life. In the last decade, this method has effectively and organically reduced years of wrinkles and age spots and with some, it’s even changed their lives for the better.


Building confidence and showing their exterior beauty like 31-year-old Hilda Barbara who decided to give it a try after she got word of her ex-husband who married a woman half his age or Maroc Aditya who is happily married but tired of her husband pointing out the wrinkles that have formed around her eyes and forehead.


Check out Romina Anette when she was fresh out of grade school and it started forming fine lines. Did I grab your attention you’ll want to handle your mouths with caution because I’m about to expose the myths of the cosmetic industry and the false claims dermatologists have influenced about balancing excessively dry oily or sensitive skin wrinkles lifting and tightening the jawline and exposing the reason some encounter aging sooner than others?


As a matter of fact, this remedy may sound bizarre now but after you give it a try, just like the masses of women have done before you, your co-workers, friends, family and particularly your dermatologists will be completely flabbergasted. The mind-boggling transformation your skin is about to endure.


The Biggest Misconception About Skin Beauty

Before I guide you through this natural celebrity secret for the younger skin method, I want you to know why you only come across only a few fortunate individuals who seem to defy gravity. So what’s preventing you from turning back the hands of time. It is the biggest misconception that the effortless beautiful appearance we privately desire is rare and depends on our genes.


Let Me Explain….


If you find yourself like the average woman your relationship with your skin resembles a newborn baby who needs tons of attention. You can never predict when the next temper tantrum is going to erupt, you can probably relate to an experience similar to a lady when she hit her adolescent years, she had the ill blessing of excessively oily skin. Her foundation refused to stay on unless she heavily reapplied it with a clean face.


Her only condition was responsible for cystic acne the hideous ones or it made her insecure because she knew exactly what everyone was staring at after two rounds of Accutane and educating herself how to cover up skillfully her imperfections. Did she finally manage to appear as a normal-looking woman her age but even underneath that exterior she was always paranoid about oiliness blemishes and upcoming breakouts. A lot of her life revolved around her skin insecurities.


However, normal isn’t always healthy. Though she looks normal with the help of a costly and extensive daily skincare regimen products and targeted treatments, she was still confined to having to hide between layers of makeup. It’s annoying to spend an hour in your bathroom every night just to get ready for bedtime. It was not until her early 30s that she started to see signs of premature aging with a few small acne breakouts.


She was too young to have wrinkles but too old to have visible acne. She envied the faces on those flawless, drop-dead gorgeous youthful appearing Hollywood actresses in their late 20s and early 30s and now she despised them. I spoke to hundreds of women about this repeatedly and I’ve observed the same sequence as always. Acne as a teen, years through the early 20s and then in their early 30s they’re automatically a target for beauty sales associates.




The Skin Care Struggles


Just because we sometimes we have obvious signs of aging, we find ourselves experimenting with several products or treatments in the struggle to delay the process of aging, where it appears that the only option we are left with is costly and involves a needle and toxic drug.


Does this ring a bell?


I can assure you that you’re certainly not alone. If it does, not a problem because the solution is here. Now for the ultimate question,  you found yourself asking, again and again, how do some women stay so young and looks so beautiful for their age like. My friend MONA who ages like fine wine.


Her eyes have no sight of crow’s feet, her cheeks are high and plump and her jawline is well-defined. She always looks good in all her pictures and at any time of the day even without any makeup or moisturizers. I actually recalled one night from when we were 30 we went out to meet some friends at a bar and the bouncer at the door looked at me and let me in without saying a thing and then looked at her and asked for ID and looked at her again before letting her in.


This was because he assumed I was old enough to go in but had to think twice if she was up to age. Even today, she’s always asked to show her ID because people assume she’s so young. After speaking to countless women, I discovered a method that once it is accepted, will enable you to obtain beauty that makes other women envy you.


So are you ready for the secret ??? Okay.


The Young Beautiful Skin Nourishment Facts



The reason why some women like the stunning celebrities I mentioned earlier had the ability to cheat the aging process and appear years younger with a smooth radiant complexion while other women don’t, has nothing to do with expensive skincare products they apply onto their skin and it is far from injections and surgical procedures.




I, first of all, want you to know that this is going to sound too effortless for you. Yes, I mean it sounded too simple for me to believe even. That was up until I discovered how effective it turned out to be.


You should know that the fundamental and most important aspects of skincare, in general, lies in nourishing the skin. As I said, this is going to sound all too effortless but here it is why you’ve lost on the genetic lottery and are not able to appear years younger as you want to be isn’t because of the right products but because of malnourishment to your body.


The average American consumes 3.7 pounds of food on a daily basis, on the other hand, we apply an ounce or two of beauty products on our bodies every day. What do you suppose has the greatest impact? Over 90% of women are uneducated upon what to eat to nourish your skin cells to regenerate firm and a tight new layer of the skin properly. As simplified as this sounds, it is evident there really is a method of feeding yourself younger every day.


A way to see sprinkles and transmit a surge of collagen to tighten and restore your:-


  • Neck Jawline
  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead


There are also foods to dissolve age spots and skin discoloration and also divert sun-damaged skin.



Overall Make-Up Tips To Keep That Skin Younger and Beautiful


It is proven that facial wrinkles and numerous pigment spots make you look older. You some times look at the people around you and try to determine your age but there are some things in our appearance that can make you look younger than your age naturally. Let’s start with some few very vital aspects of our skincare and overall make-ups that most women ignore to realize in most cases:-


1. Full Lower Lips.

One aspect of looking a few years younger, the effects of a childish lip has a big role. Modern girls prefer to make their upper lips bigger because they think this will make them look more attractive while a few lower lip makes the face look younger and more naive.


2. Natural Skin Color.

Even though tanned skin can help make little defects on your face, it makes you look a few years older. This is because it is easier to see wrinkles on tanned skin. In addition, the sun makes you old in a literal way. Don’t forget that ultraviolet rays are very harmful so, use sunscreen every day.


3. A Little Unkept Hair.

Nothing makes you look older than perfect hair where every detail is in the right place it should be. Only girls with ideal face or perfect skin can be brave enough to have such hair and still look young and beautiful. If you don’t want to look older when doing you should keep the tips a little uneven and you should be a little unkept.


4. Natural Hair Color.

Bright hair color is usually associated with youths. The same result can be achieved with natural dark color. The most important thing is to have a very natural color. Women with naturally blonde hair that looks kind of yellow and women with extremely dark hair look older than they really are. So try to blend the colors and make look a little stylish but natural as well.


5. Fingernails.

Don’t forget, nails are also a part of the skin as well. So, not only is it attainable to feed your way to a facelift but you will also notice having stronger longer nails and your hair suddenly unveiling a glossy finish. And you will probably have to replace your current shampoo and conditioner as a result of growing long full and thick hair.


The story was the same with hundreds of women I’ve helped. By adjusting simple things with their food resulted in them throwing away the dozens of beauty products in their medicine cabinets and dressers. What is really awful is how most women were making big mistakes without even realizing it. Mistakes that caused them to age more with every meal carving existing lines deeper on their faces with each mouthful.


6. Quit Smoking

It is no longer news that smoking can increase the rate of skin aging, which leads to premature wrinkles and sagging skin. Your face is not the only part that can get wrinkles due to smoking either, the skin on other parts of your body can age too.




For the following reason : –

  • As you very well know nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels in the top layer of your skin, so it’s much harder to transport oxygen and vital nutrients like vitamin A that your skin needs to live healthily.
  • There are well over 4,000 toxins in cigarettes which can damage the collagen and elastin. Whereas your skin needs these fibers to stay strong, supple and youthful.
  • When smoking, there is a tendency of pursing your lips. This exercise can also create wrinkles around your mouth.


7. A Good Rest

It is also very important to find tile to chilling out because chilling out can make all the difference to your physical and mental well being. Not only can stress deprive you of sleep, which your skin needs to renew itself, but the stress hormone (cortisol) is also linked to the skin appearance. So make sure you take time out for yourself to relax and distress before you lose it.


8. Exercise.

A good exercise pumps up your blood circulation and promotes healthy cell renewal process inside your skin. Also, it flushes out toxins, reduces stress, and helps you to relax and sleep better. It also reduces stress and boosts collagen production.


9. Wear Sunscreen

Too much exposure (overexposure) to harmful UV rays can age your skin before time. This is called photoaging. The process of UV radiation creates free radicals that can damage the skin and make it look less youthful. I recommend for the best defense, you use a sunscreen with a high SPF (30 or above) and apply daily. You can as well if you wish to look for cosmetics (though not too advisable. Always go naturally) or moisturizers that contain sunscreen.




The Big Secret About The Skin

The big secret to the glowing smooth and clear skin without the time-consuming morning in bed routines is straightforward and simplistic. It is understanding how to deprive and diminish old dying skin on the surface and feed new healthy skin to the surface in a way that makes it enjoyable.


You’re indulging in a cheap meal at every meal.


Allow me to explain why.


Upon being born, our body naturally generates tons of collagen. Collagen is responsible for making our skin firm and youthful as we mature and develop into our mid-20s. Our body’s natural production of collagen decreases every year and due to gravity pulling harder on your eyelids, cheeks, jawline, and neck. Our skin loses its moisture and dry lines come to be permanent and wrinkles become present.


What most women are unaware of is that our body is still constructing new cells every day as your body did when you were a child. Therefore, by providing nourishment to the growth of new cells with great collagen, we legitimately revived a younger version of ourselves. However, the same as any part of our body, it needs the correct nutrition to do so. No creams, ointments or treatments can take the place of food.


Think of it this way, if a man wanted to build more lean muscle, he couldn’t do it without proper nutrition right. With skin, it is exactly the same. Skin depends on the food you consume more than any other part of your body.


Why? Because the skin is the largest organ you have. Upon aging, we form creases, lose our firmness and elasticity and it is because our dermis is losing its moisture turning thinner and getting looser. Our dermis is conjointly where our hair follicles are. When our dermis begins to deteriorate or wear out, it influences our hair as well. Imagine it like a grape, you can’t make the soft spongy interior healthier by applying chemicals on the thinner exterior surface.


You have to manipulate the interior to grow healthier firm outer layer. Once the grape is plucked from the vineyard, it loses its source of nutrients and it becomes dependent on the inside flesh of the grape and over time begins to rot for that same reason it so means applying collagen creams on the outset of our skin is good though, but with the hope of it invigorating fresh cells to the surface is illogical.


Common Beauty Scams In The Market.


Collagen creams are scams. Meet with sneaky marketing tactics they just don’t show results because collagen can only be produced from beneath the dermis. Before I tell you why do you know the three reasons why those within the cosmetic industry nor doctor or dermatologist will tell you this? First, once you see how easy it is to nourish yourself to fade away wrinkles and appear twenty years younger with your next meal, you’ll never go back.


Secondly, the beauty industry would lose a lot of profits of exposed and the third reason women have not been educated about these facts who’s the hardest to believe. It is solely because, through the course of their entire medical training, doctors are not taught this at the most they only received a few hours of training on nutrition.


I asked various doctors and they said that the foods we indulge in such as : –

  • Fries,
  • Pizza,
  • Chocolates

are not responsible for our skins troubles. I’m sure you’re just as upset as I am and by the chance, you ask your doctor and they give you the same response maybe you should ask them for a valid response. Not too long ago, doctors prescribed time in the Sun mild skin irritations like eczema and acne, we all know the dangers of UV radiation such as the effects it has on the skin, eyes immune system and also damaging collagen fibers and expediting the aging process.


You see the medical industry isn’t always correct. I can relate to you we put a great deal of trust into dermatologists and even the sales associates that sell these treatments and the fact you haven’t been enlightened about this by your dermatologist that you’ve trusted so much can make your experience deceive and cheated as well but guess what, there’s good news.


Changing The Game Of The Skin Care

The good news is that now you’re going to learn how to easily reduce any skin condition following a few steps with foods that you probably already have in your kitchen right now but perhaps have no idea how to go about it. Do you want to know something even more incredible among all the foods that can alter your appearance? There’s nutrient found in one type of food that exhibits the greatest impression to reduce great signs of aging.


Here Is Where The Game Changes


One day, Mona’s grandmother was visiting from Lebanon. She introduced me to her grandmother. Her lustrous long thick black hair was in a low chignon, her olive complexion never have I seen the skin like that before. I couldn’t even find a hint of dryness in her skin, she had a deep endless glow, anyone who met her could see she was sharp as a tack I was in shock when I found out she was 80 years old I was dying to know her secret.


Some few days, I was at their home one morning she came out and gave something to Muna to drink. When I tried to find out, it was a mug and she said drink this for your skin so I also took a taste. It was some Chi that had an aroma of something I’d never smelled before but it was pleasant. In a couple of days after she had taken the juice for some time, her skin without a doubt cleared up it looked even supply and guess what it glowed.


I thought this broom-like Rubio’s was an enchanting plant that was delivered by some rare unicorn but when I discovered was it was merely a legume plant family and genetically occupies the highest amounts of rich antioxidants. A component that is vital not only to slow down aging but reversible to visible signs of aging.


The Truth About Skin Care Supplements vs Foods


You can feel free with your vitamins and supplements but the truth is, the game is in the food we eat. Vitamins and supplement can only come in to supplement food maybe because you were too occupied that you missed your meal but not as a major source of collagen. Now antioxidants are essential for tight toned and youthful appearing skin. Our typical American diet couldn’t nearly give us enough


antioxidants to make any difference in our skin but taking supplements is not beneficial for skin because our bodies can only absorb at the maximum 10 percent of it and you can only consume (Too Many) supplements before you result in stomach pains. But like I said above, you have to control your supplement consumption. Also, I started researching and examining various nutrients containing


miraculous substances in the product section of that grocery store that thrived to benefit our skin and more valuable and I was able to find out foods that actually accelerated aging. It’s like I had my fountain of youth down the street. There’s something at every aisle and every shelf that can solve any beauty dilemmas you’ve been dealing with for the past years. After multiple experiments with these foods, I discovered myself doing something I never imagined I could.


After my introduction to Mona’s grandmother and after reading numerous books and researching I found myself adjusting my diet, even more, gaining infinite energy and shedding 23 pounds off my waist. The countless hours of panning my head into books all drew me to my conclusion that the mediocre American diet we’re accustomed to consuming from a young age is not only responsible for causing us to age but also accelerating the aging process.


So if it appeals to you to display signs of aging years before you should with wrinkles on the forehead around the eyes and mouth or even sagging skin accompanied with a drab complexion you’re on the right path. Proceed to eat the foods everyone else in America is consuming. Eventually, after devoting years of researching all the hidden approaches nutrients I quit my job and devoted my life and


now have a prosperous practice helping not only women by the masses but of various men as well as suffering from anti-aging. To the first skin insecurities, anti-aging is only one of the issues that can be resolved with the nutrients you nourish your body with.


The Importance Of Food and Their Characteristics To The Skin


The characteristics in many foods we have all around us can also cure minor issues such as acne to more severe issues like sun damaged skin, dry flaky skin, patchy skin, uneven skin even eczema and rosacea. Once you get the great mother nature on your side, you have access to the most elite esthetician you’ve always dream of but think of her as the foreign crush you can’t communicate with because of the language barrier.


You have to learn how to speak their language in order for them to understand you and I’m going to teach you that language. I just had to. I needed to teach this to as many people as possible but it wasn’t until an unfortunate event that occurred which made helping people love their skin and bringing out natural beauty my mission of purpose here is what happened.


One evening I was closing up the office and walking to my car, I’m not very observant of my surroundings so as I was trying to find my keys while walking I failed to note the lady looking into the glass at the entrance of the office building. I had already closed my vehicle door by the time I realized she was standing there. I got out and walked toward her to tell her am closed but when I noticed she was sobbing, I decided to ask if she was okay.


Instead, she told me her friend had previously mentioned me to her but what provoked her urgency to see me made me immensely sad. After ten years of marriage, Claire’s husband cheated on her with another woman and this woman was half her age after years of being suspicious about his loyalty and faithfulness to her but not hard evidence she finally worked up the courage to file for a divorce and leave him but all she could think of was how she was getting older and how it has taken a toll on herself.


Even though she thought it was superficial she coyly confessed to me that she didn’t feel as confident as she was 15 years ago to be single and to look to date I could tell she was embarrassed. I’m not insecure I love the way I look but I feel humiliated and guilty for wanting to look younger she said. Finally, Claire blurted out even to this date I’m never shocked how frequently I hear this.


The beauty industry thrives on our insecurities of aging then they make us feel that we will resemble a raisin if we do not purchase their most current and not to mention unusually high-priced miracle cream.


My Recommendation

Let me introduce you to the most loyal and effective anti-aging giant killer in the market called Facelift Without Surgery which is simple and easy to follow. For anyone can use the Facelift Without Surgery. It is mother nature’s own anti-aging expert guide that will uncover foods that smooth out and eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet smile lines as well as reviving thin skin on the face and neck to plumper and firmer appearance. Heightening stalking areas in the jawline, neck, and eyelids naturally fuller plumper lips preventing and removing stretch marks.


Reversing sun-damaged skin such as sunspots and uneven skin and so much more first you will receive the Facelift Without Surgery alongside some other health-related ebooks as bonuses and you will learn in the manual the potent foods. The ones that are liable for maintaining firmness and elasticity past the age of 30 or 40 and above and for generating perfect skin cells. Where to purchase them and how to add them to your meal.


A few of the ingredients will help care for the natural oil in the skin that prevents it from drying while other foods will effectively leave you with smoother and younger skin by improving collagen levels. In addition, I’ve also listed a variety of foods that aid in detoxifying the layer of skin under the surface which promotes new skin cells to accept the nutrients to begin growing.


After that, I will reveal to you the secrets to penetrating within deepest the layers of the skin with powerful antioxidants in nature consuming nutrients from foods versus supplements. And pills are more beneficial when we eat actual foods well. Our skin cells and body absorb the nourishment more than any other supplement. You will also acquire information on how to properly protect your skin from the inside from harmful UV rays and thick sun damage guess what there’s even a special food to cook thoroughly and eat and can perform a sunblock and block UV rays and no cost.


You can indulge in a reviving spa-like lifting procedure in the comfort of your home as you discover ancient face masks that have been used for centuries but have only recently been revealed to dramatically attack adult acne, reduce and heal it. You’ll be amazed that you’ll be disposed of all the cream serums over-the-counter medications and skin drying. Aunt Minetta caused her skin to flake these homemade masks are so calming for even the most sensitive skin but you’ll be able to fight off acne without leaving any scars or blemishes.


The mask sheds dead skin cells moisturizes underlying skin and helps brighten the overall complexion. In fact, you’ll be surprised when you see yourself staring into the mirror and see the changes day by day and you will not only be amazed flattered by the attention you have out of a sudden started to be showered with when people notice your transformation.




I hope this was helpful? If you ever need a hand or have any contribution to make or a question to ask, please do feel free to leave them below I will be more than glad to help you out.



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  1. Thanks for your post Eric – Wow there are a few things here that I need to concentrate on, being a woman of 55! I think I am doing pretty well but your post here about diet and what I should be doing and also avoiding is great. Your recommendation for the facial exercise program is amazing! I’m impressed that through yoga exercises we can achieve such a difference – I’ll be following this, thank you!

    1. You are welcome Lindsay. You can try the face yoga and trust me you will be amazed at the result you gonna arrive at and please do not forget to share your experience so that others can learn from it too.
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