Oily Skin Makeup Tips – Step by Step Guide for The Best Result

Today we are going to talk about oily skincare tips, how to stop your make up from getting oily and Shininy all through the day. You know oily skin gets too oily, so from what I have been able to gather, I just got some wonderful tricks over the years to stop that oil coming through and ruining your day. Because I know no one will want to look at the mirror and be shocked at what his/her face looks like. I know the struggles and hustles for a better-looking face and so I had to come with this oily skin makeup tips.


So, I have got some simple steps that you can implement in your make up routine in the morning and that will completely change the way your skin looks all through the day. And what is even better is that all the products we are going to talk about in this little piece of contents are drugstore products so its very easy to find anywhere around the world no matter where you live except for the setting spray.

So, if you have got oily skin and you are sick and tired and fed up and you want to learn how to stop your make up from getting oily and shiny all through the day, then this is for you.

Setting Spray.

So, the first thing to do in stopping your skin getting shiny is to use a setting spray and I know that these are traditionally used at the end of any makeup routine but we are going to be playing it at the start and at the end. What a setting spray does is it essentially create a bit of a layer over the skin and it helps to stop those oil coming through and penetrating through the makeup and make your skin look shiny.

My recommendation at the moment will be the:-



I love this one because they irritate the skin, they smell great and they are really easy to use. So, we are going to take a look at how to use it.

How to use It : Spray it lightly on the face before you start to apply the rest.


The next step is to apply a PRIMER.

I recommend you use:-



I like this primer because its really basic and sometimes the most basic products are the ones that work best. It’s completely transparent. When applied, it comes out like a white consistency. Now, with a primer and with oily skin, you don’t want to go in and apply too much primer. So, I urge you to use only a very small amount, like small enough to cover the T zone of your face.

How to use It : You can start on the forehead and then spread it out and apply the majority of the product to your cheek and apply what’s left on your nose, above your mouth and on your chin and sort of smooth it everywhere else.

This rule really applies to anything. (if you use too much of the products, it will look cakey and get greasy) so pls just use only a little quantity. Now the next thing I want to talk about is actually a really old trick that has been practiced by Make-Up Artists and Drag Queen for a long time.

Setting Powder.

I know you must be thinking this is crazy, asking how can one use a setting spray, use a primer, what the hell is that. But I promise you this is really really effective and if you just follow these simple steps, it will change your look. Its an old trick used by make-up artists. So, let’s dive into it.

My number one recommendation is:-



How to use It : Pick up your face brush and go directly into the powder but trust me you don’t want to use too much of it, a very small amount of it is enough.

Dust very lightly the skin through the t-zone. So if you get oily all through your face (the whole face) then you need to take this very seriously. But if you are oily just on the t-zone, then you should apply those to the tees or in and then whatever is left on the brush, do lightly dust all over the rest of your cheek area.

This creates another barrier on top of that setting spray and it’s essentially going to soak up any oil then do sneak through that first layer before they hit your foundation. It is obvious we are traditionally taught not to use a cream product or a liquid product on top of powder but I promised you if you apply a tiny little bit of translucent setting powder before going with your foundation, it’s killer like you will stay matte so much longer.


Now let’s take a look at the foundation. I always advise you use a mattifying foundation if you have got a particularly oily skin type.

My recommendation is to use the:-



This product is incredible, it is just like a mask for oily skin and it lasts so well and stays really full-coverage all day long on the skin. You can put it on in the morning and wear it all day long. But then you don’t want to use too much, a very small amount of it will do.

How to use It : Use a very small amount of the product and start on the perimeters of your face avoiding your t-zone sort of in the interim.

You may want to apply what’s left on the sponge or the brush to the t-zone after you have applied the rest of the product to the whole face. This keeps the skin a lot madder and stops shine way better than if you go in and applied the majority of the foundation through the t-zone.

So you can apply it through the t-zone, again don’t use ridiculously thick layers like you don’t want this product heavy or any foundation that you’re applying heavy because like I said heavy pretty much means more grease and cakiness.  so just go nice and light with this one.


The next one will be the concealer. What I like and recommend is the:-



It’s a really good concealer and really close to Jupiter, the NARS radiant creamy concealer.  (The name NARS is the name of a is a French cosmetics and skincare company founded by make-up artist and photographer François Nars in 1994 called NARS Cosmetics.)

How to use It: Apply a little bit of it underneath your eyes. Setting your face with a damp Beauty Blender sponge especially for oily skin types will keep your skin matter and stop shine for so much longer than if you just use a brush.

Just basically go straight into the powder, pick it up and then apply it but also through the teaser and because that’s where oily skin gets the largest amount of shine. Around the nose, under the eyes and then down the chin, carry it up on the cheek and apply blush and contour and then once you set those areas and the eyes as well, set your eyes with the powder.

Once you are done with that, then go in with a brush and sort of just dust around the end of your face and do also dust the powder behind your ears, down your neck you know because, the matter the better really if you’re oily. And then finally to finish, go back in with that same setting spray that you used earlier, spray the entire perimeter of your face don’t use too much again. Just a very thin layer is more than enough and you are good to go.

But you wouldn’t want to do this yet until you are done applying the rest of your make up, then you can do this at the end. It might interest you to know that, all mentioned above is only a way to manage oily skin so that your make up can stay on and still look good all through the day but not a solution to oiliness.

This is because oily skin is hereditary and can be beneficial to a great looking skin if given the right and proper daily care like above but not a solution like I said. I will recommend the Oily Skin Solution ebook for a permanent solution.

About The Oily Skin Solution.

The truth is brand name products, miracle creams advertised on TVs and other MEDIAs, and the average so-called cleansers, Oily-Skin-Makeup-Tips–Step-by-Step-Guide-for-The-Best-Resultmoisturizers and all mentioned above you see on your supermarkets shelf can all be good for the makeups but they all do pretty  much  nothing to treat the problem from the source, as that is where it should be treated and the makeups cannot stop the oil from coming out.

But rather, they simply “mask” the symptoms of oily skin to provide you with temporary relief, and as if that is not enough, sometimes they can even cause your symptoms to get worse! The misconception about some people is that they think oily skin is a blessing, personally, I think it’s a curse. The reason those people see it as a blessing is that it’s supposed to make you look young, radiant, and supposedly it even prevents wrinkles.

That, of course, is actually a well-known beauty myth and it’s far from the truth because, all skin types ages the same. What oily skin does is make wrinkles less apparent, but does not really prevent them in any way. So now it has become a call for concern in the world today what actually works to get rid of oily skin naturally. It is obvious you can continue to treat the visible symptoms of oily skin but you need to treat it from the root, I mean internally.

Oily-Skin-Makeup-Tips–Step-by-Step-Guide-for-The-Best-ResultAnd because of that I highly recommend the Oily Skin Solution eBook by Patricia Everson. This is an 89-page eBook that details what exactly is the root cause of oily skin. Because the best way to fight or beat something is to understand it first and what exactly is causing it. The Oily Skin Solution eBook will also show you the exact steps to take to beat your oily skin naturally and permanently.

It doesn’t matter if your skin is slightly oily, extremely oily, or combination (oily and dry) skin, you can definitely find the solution in her eBook. Her 60-day money-back guarantee makes it definitely worth a try. So, I highly recommend it to you.



So that is all I had for you today about taking care of oily skin. So if this article was helpful, please we wait for your result at the comment section so others will learn from your experience as well. Again, If you ever need a hand or have any contribution to make or a question to ask please do feel free to leave them at the comment section below I will be more than glad to help you out.



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