UNDER EYE SKIN CARE – You Need To Know This.

Under Eye Skin Care – You Need To Know This Before You Loose It Completely. Yes Yo Do.

As thin as the skin around your eyes is than any other part of your body, it’s no longer news that our under eye skincare requires more attention than when caring for any other part of our body. Now, after caring for the other parts of your skin, you wouldn’t want the skin around your eyes to look different from the other part of your body as it was borrowed to complete you.


So, that is why I took time to look into the ups and downs of taking care of the skin around the eyes, worse of all during winter and so today, I want to talk particularly about some eye skincare tips and care routine. How to keep it smooth and looking young all the time.


UNDER EYE SKIN CARE – You Need To Know This.


Most women out there are just prone to fluctuations in their skin. This is according to the weather and there is no doubt that the area with most concern anyway is around the eyes and there it is obviously worse in the winter period. This is because every little fine line of crinkle is emphasized by the effects of cold weather which means low humidity, there’s no moisture in the air and usually, there’s central heating inside and that means everything is just a little drier on the surface.


Ways To Tackle Under Eye Skin Problem

Some conscious ways to tackle this includes :


The Way You Take Care of it On a Daily Basis:

That means, when you’re using eye makeup, most importantly how you go about removing that eye make up matters. It is something that a lot of women are guilty or sometimes are just being too aggressive, too much in a hurry and just not taking enough time to remove your makeup carefully.


That might mean that you resort to a more potent product to get rid of your makeup and guess what, that’s going to leave your eye area dry and possibly leave behind really residue as well as tend to promote things like anemia which are just really unsightly little bumps that need extraction usually around the delicate eye skin.


So, think about doing it gently and I really do rate products from brands like a van by a and I would say for doing gentle eye makeup removal, use a cotton pad. Apply pressure for at least 10 to 15 seconds before any kind of sweeping action.


That’s the first thing, remove eye makeup with great care. Treat this eye area as you would your finest. Then if you need to remove any residue makeup, make sure that you’re using a gentle long foaming cleanser that just makes sense.


So, if you take your cleanser off and around your eyes, then you need to think about proper hydration. The reason why most skincare products work to improve the appearance of our skin is largely the effects of hydration which just makes everything on the surface looks


smoother and reduces the loss of water through the skin which again, would tend to make it look patchy and dried out and more quickly as the day progresses.


If you’re in an office environment that’s essentially cold, I think good quality moisturizer around your eyes will be a good idea and I think if you seek out products which don’t tend to clog pores and contain good quality inclusive ingredients like Shea butter glycerin,


those sorts of things you’ll find that you can use a moisturizer happily all over your face and take it around your eye and without causing any puffiness and I think that’s really the key. Is to have a moisturizer that lasts a long time in your skin.

Now, I have found that the Abaya Hydrate moisturizes. So, it’s not too heavy which means, I’m not compromising on the finish of my skin in the oily or center of my face.


It gives you that long-lasting but still elegant finish to make sure you stay hydrated for the full duration of your day, next thing is to think about sunscreen. Now, a lot of people are tempted to miss screening around their eyes because it’s not elegant enough and it tends to find the fine lines and sit increases.


So, again I’m always going on about the importance of good quality sunscreen. For me, that means a product you will happily take up to the lash line to protect the delicate under-eye area, I think Alta MD does amazing quality sunscreens that


are both hydrating whilst containing really good levels and zinc oxide for UVA protection all year round but other brands may well deliver the same results for you. You just have to try them and as long as you lookup for a product, this high protection UVA and UVB you’ll be fine.


Cover Up Dark Circles :

The next thing is to think about how you cover up dark circles. Now that for a lot of people mean a high coverage slightly patchy tone product, really to deal with that kind of bluish tone that you get in the inner corner and due to a little of thinning of the skin and develop until we call the tear trough.

UNDER EYE SKIN CARE – You Need To Know This.

Now, what might deliver high coverage can also sometimes end up being a product that can dry to an almost matte finish in some instances systems of high levels of pigment and not necessarily be hydrating enough to be sympathetic to the tendency for increases so it


looks great when you first put the product on but over the course of the day again it finds us knowing fine lines and just tends to start to look a bit unsightly so what I will often do coming into winter is to switch up my under-eye concealer and the product I like at the moment is the Laura Mercier seeker concealer.


I find it has a really creamy texture but still has good levels of pigments and get great concealment from it and again sensitive to the bluish sign that you get around the under-eye area. So, that is patchy toad shapes which suit my complexion really well.


I think those are the most intelligent ways of approaching this problem. I think that you know we’re all gonna age and we’re all going to have changes in our skin but I think that there are clever little cosmetic tricks that you can apply.


How to Choose The Right Products For Your Under Eye Skin Care

When choosing products for your under-eye care routine, it is recommended you look at something with the anti-inflammatory property, you look at something with an anti-oxidant property, you look at something with a calming and soothing property, you look at something with vitamin A care or something that eases of those black pigments like acne scar, and then you look at something that moisturizes and has a plumbing factor.


My number one product recommendation:

UNDER EYE SKIN CARE – You Need To Know This.

Ystheal + Eye Contour

The reason I recommend this product is because it’s good for all skin type. The key ingredient in it is the thermal water. It is very calming and soothing to the skin. Looking at its list of ingredients, it’s got free dicofol which is a vitamin E precursive. This ingredient is good for replenishing the oil and is also antioxidant.


Its also contains vitamin A precursive. An ingredient that gives you an anti-aging effect, collagen built, it gives you the moisture and calming to the skin also. So, it’s very good as a product and a very good one for the eye.


My number two product recommendation:

UNDER EYE SKIN CARE – You Need To Know This.

All About Eyes Rich

This one I will like to say it is a great product for under eye care also because it has quelling which is a great antioxidant, it also has dicofol, a vitamin E precursive, it a calming agent property, it also has some tea extract in it. It is very low in terms of allergens and also good for all skin type. So, it is also good for your eye skincare.


My number three product recommendation:

UNDER EYE SKIN CARE – You Need To Know This.

Remy Laure Eye Contour Gel

For the fact that it is a spa product, it is good for acne care especially if you have this capillary induced or darkness under-eye skin, they also have a great antioxidant property in it which good for the skin and it also has ingredients with calming and soothing effect. In fact, it comes with so many essential oils in it which makes it very hydrating. And is also good all skin type. So, it also a very good product for your under-eye skin.


I think you can carefully choose actives that are suitable for around the eye area. Big fan of niacinamide. You can seek out brands like Olay Regenerist and their fragrance-free serum. I think is a great product to use around the eye to actually support barrier function and to help anti-age without the dryness of other actors. For example, Rex woods which might well be quite hard to tolerate at this time of the year, avoid doing any harm. Moisturize with appropriate products and use your concealer.


I hope that was helpful. If you ever need a hand or have any contribution to make or a question to ask, please do feel free to leave them below, I will be more than happy to help you out.



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